Show your customers the power of mints by sharing these success stories from a few of the well-known, iconic brands we’re proud to serve

As a Subway Franchise owner, I’ve used branded mints for over 5 years in all of my locations. We offer them to our guests in a bowl by the register and put one in the to go bag for each sandwich. I also encourage our managers to hand deliver mints to guests at their tables. It’s an easy way to thank them for their business and elevate their dining experience. And our guests expect the mints and love them…who doesn’t like something that’s free!

I know some view mints as just an extra cost but for me the value far out-weighs the cost. Offering mints is an extremely cost-effective way to help drive guest satisfaction. And a satisfied guest is more likely to be a loyal guest and return to our store, driving traffic and revenue!”

-Atul Wahi

“As a Burger King Franchise owner, I’ve used branded mints for over 10 years in all of my locations. I use the mints as a training tool for new managers while teaching them the importance of “table touches.” As we all know, approaching guests and initiating conversations can sometimes be intimidating or uncomfortable. The mints are instrumental in initiating a conversation and allowing for one-on-one interaction. Our guests love them and feel special and valued and my managers learn the value of customer interaction.”

“Some owners look at the mints as an extra cost but I look at them as an extra touch. Extra touches build customer counts and customer counts increase revenue!”

– Carla Cribbs

“We found Hospitality Mints at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago and decided to offer mints to our guests. Now, over 15 years later, they are a integral part of our guest experience.

We’re a family pizzeria with a diverse menu of over 40 selections available for dine in, pick up or delivery. Our family recipes and “make ‘em smile” service has made us successful for 60 years. We serve branded mints because they touch our guests when they are most engaged with our brand, whether we’ve served them for dine in, pick up or delivery.

There are many reasons why our guests keep coming back…our delicious family recipes, cheerful smiles from team members who have been with us for years and years, and special touches like serving branded mints. Our guests truly become part of the family with all of us at LaRosa’s.”

-Nancy Wilson

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