What kind of artwork can I use?
We accept Vector artwork files

How many colors can I use for my custom wrappers?
You can choose up to 3 pantone colors *(5 case minimum for 2 or 3 color imprints… *applies to Promotional Products*)

Can you send a template?

Do you have standard ink or wrapper colors?
Yes, we have standard wrapper colors: Gold & Silver Metallic film *($10.00(v) per case for promotional products)

Standard Ink color options: White, Black, Purple 2613, Navy Blue 281, Royal Blue 286, Green 347, Yellow 115, Burgundy 221, Red 187, Lime Green 376

Do you charge for a PMS color?
No, we do not charge.

Am I able to mix flavors or wrapper colors?
No, we do not allow you to mix flavors or wrappers

How fast can I get my order?
5 days plus shipping for reorders, and 8 days plus shipping for new art orders

Can you ship internationally?
Yes, we do ship internationally on the customer’s UPS , DHL or FedEx account number, however all shipping charges will be paid by customer

What are the set-up fees for custom mints?
The set-up plate fee is $60.00 (v) per color (**Only applies to Promotional Products**)

If I re-order, will I have to pay the set-up fees again?
Yes $15.00 (v) per color. Flavor, ink and wrapper changes may apply $15.00 (v) per change.

Can I get a sample?
Yes, and you must provide us with your shipping account information

Will I see a proof before my order goes to production?
Yes, we offer 1 free plate & 1 free revision…after that there is a charge.

Are your mints vegan/kosher/gluten free/etc.?
Our mints are certified kosher, gluten free, nut free and fat free…Allergens are Milk and Soy.

Where do I send my order?
Send all orders to foodserviceorders@hospitalitymints.com & asiorders@hospitalitymints.com

What is the current lead time?
Lead time is 5 days plus shipping for reorders, and 8 days plus shipping for new art

Do you offer a rush service?
Yes, for an additional fee of $100(V) for new art, and $60(v) for re-orders

How long do you keep plates?
We keep each plate for 3 years

What is your cancellation policy?
Our cancellation policy varies on a case by case basis, please contact customer service at Mints@hospitalitymints.com

Do you have the mints in stock?
Everything is made to order

Do you accept credit cards or how do I pay for my order?
We accept credit Cards for first order, terms after

Do you charge for using a 3rd party shipping number?
No, we do not

Do you offer virtual proofs?
Yes! The first proof is free and we charge $15.00 (v) for additional proofs

Can I order less than minimum quantity and pay a fee?
No, we do not offer that option at this time

For any other questions please contact our customer service team