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Foodservice Operators

Mints are a low-cost, high-impact way to increase guest loyalty, satisfaction and traffic

Research indicates that 61% of guests offered a branded mint are more likely to return and recommend the restaurant to others.  Whether mints are delivered by wait staff, included in take-out orders or set in bowls throughout the restaurant, operators can make a tangible, bold statement through this simple and delicious gesture.

Custom wrappers enhance a restaurant’s image. Using a wrapper as a marketing vehicle is cost efficient. There are a number of ways to use wrapper space and create a custom message that promotes your operation:

  1. Engage guests with a call to action, using a coupon code or a QR code directing them to a website or mobile app
  2. Drive awareness of key priorities such as causal marketing or charities, catering, gift cards, loyalty programs, e-stores, social media, etc.
  3. Share tailored messages
  4. Elevate brand recognition with your logo

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