Promotional Distributors

Promotional Distributors

Mints are a low-cost, big-impact way to grow your sales

Mints can help your customers drive traffic and increase revenue by making every interaction with their customers more memorable. Custom-wrapped mints are a low-cost, big-impact way for corporate accounts and businesses to make a statement, establish loyalty and create a lasting impression before the next interaction or transaction. Hospitality Mints provides you with top-notch customer service and easy, reliable delivery of brand-wrapped mints for your customers.

Custom wrappers enhance a business’s image. There are a number of ways to use wrapper space and create a custom message that promotes a business:

  1. Elevate brand recognition with your customer’s logo
  2. Help customers share tailored messages
  3. Drive awareness of key priorities, such as catering, gift cards, loyalty programs, e-stores, social media and more
  4. Engage consumers with a call to action, like a coupon code directing them to a website or with a special QR Code

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