“We use Hospitality Mints….to bring a sweet beginning or ending to a customer’s experience at the restaurant.”

Bobby, Front of House Manager at Bistro Roca

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“We use the mints in all of our restaurants. We do not leave them on the counter but use them for Managers/Team Members that need an “ice breaker.” It gives them a reason to stop and talk to the guest, thank them and leave them with a mint or two. We have seen success in the guests’ perception of our restaurant by using them.”

Burger King Regional Operations Director

“I use the mints as a training tool for new managers while teaching them the important of ‘table touches’… Our guests love them and feel special and valued and my managers learn the value of customer interaction.”

Carla, Burger King Franchisee

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“We serve branded mints because they touch our guests when they are most engaged with our brand, whether we’ve served them dine in, pick up or delivery.”

Nancy, LaRosa’s Pizzeria

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“Our customers absolutely love mints! We use mints for table service and typically hand them out when customers are halfway done with their meals. Now we even leave mints out for customers to take because we get so many inquiries about them.”

Rad, General Manager at McDonald’s

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“We’ve been offering Hospitality Mints here for over 10 years. Our customers always look forward to getting a mint at the end of their meal.”

Emily, Front of House Manager at Red Onion

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“Customers have come to expect mints…We have bowls of mints on the counter and by the drive-thru window. In addition, a couple of mints are placed in to-go order bags and on the trays for those dining in. I can’t imagine not offering mints!”

Missy, General Manager at Taco John’s

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“We train our wait staff to put the mints inside someone’s book so when the mints are gone the wait staff knows that the customer is ready to pay.”

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“Our customers always comment on how they enjoy the mints, clearly they’re the perfect way to top off a great dining experience!”

Randy, General Manager of Azteca Mexican Restaurant

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